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    We Do it All!
    We want to make your job easier. From the smallest repair to capital projects, our customer service team is ready to answer your call.
  • Are you prepared for winter?
    We're ready to respond and deliver for you - from caulking one window to waterproofing all joints of an entire building, and everything in between.
  • "Not only did you get it done, but the quality of work was excellent."
    - John Zuk, Senior Property Manager, Regency Centers
  • If you think all building
    service providers are alike,
    you’re in for a pleasant surprise.
    Learn the unique ways we make your life easier… while enhancing your tenants’ experience.

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PCM Participates in the Ice Bucket Challenge:

Four PCM executives are the latest to take the Ice Bucket Challenge: Rick Baxter (VP Construction Services), Scott Parello (VP Exterior Building Services), JB Deerin (President), and Perry Paganelli (VP Parking Lot Services).

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When it comes to repairing and maintaining your commercial property,
we’re a property manager’s greatest resource.

PCM Services is a company that provides commercial asphalt, building caulking, and construction services to property managers and their teams in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC.

At PCM Services, our in-house team provides a wide range of commercial renovation, repair & maintenance, and commercial construction services, providing both short- and long-term solutions for your property’s needs. Whether to make an urgent repair or take on a capital project, PCM will respond.

For more than 20 years, we’ve earned a reputation for helping property managers with their commercial renovation, repair, and maintenance needs both large and small — with professional, high quality work and seamless, 24/7/365 responsiveness to emergency situations. And, because 95% of our work is done by our full-time staff using our own equipment, you always get consistent, high-quality results. The bottom line: we make your life easier, while enhancing your tenants’ experience.

When you need a commercial construction services firm that not only understands your challenges, but also solves them quickly and efficiently … PCM Services is your best choice.

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