2016 Project Management:
Getting Ahead of the Clock

Property Management Tips
from a Former Property Manager

By Alexis Wilcox, CPM,
PCM Sr. Account Representative | December 9, 2015

Alexis Wilcox

Set Yourself up for On-Time, Within-Budget Project Management

In my years as a property manager, I learned to use specific tactics to set myself up for on-time and in-budget project management. As the new year approaches, I thought this to be a relevant topic.

A Day in the Life of a Property Manager

A typical day in the life of a property manager begins with the best intentions of crossing specific items off the ever-lasting to-do list. Then the elevators stop working, the parking system is jammed, the hot/cold calls come in and the day gets away from you. I often found myself up against the clock trying to solicit bids for a project that was scheduled to start yesterday.

In my later years I found that planning in advance for budget approved projects alleviated my 11th hour phone calls to vendors. It also reduced the stress of trying to get an approval, a schedule date, and an invoice in a short amount of time.

Tactic #1: Map out the Planned Work at the Beginning of the Year, Then Join Forces with Vendors and Collect the Necessary Bids

This applies to projects that are still months out, they too can be bid at the beginning of the year. It significantly reduces stress to have the pricing in advance. Your industry partner is then made aware of the month the project is planned, putting it on their radar for potential scheduling.

Some of my best contractors would place appropriately timed calls to inquire about the work. Using a quick reference sheet and hearing from the contractor helped me to stay on track with project management. 

There are many items, big and small, to get completed in a building during a year. Hearing “Do you still plan to paint that corridor this month?” was a well-timed reminder that I did, in fact, have money budgeted that month and I already had the pricing in hand.

Tactic #2: The Relationship Built with a Solid, Trusted Vendor Can Have Many Benefits

Good contractors are glad to help clients in any way possible. Bidding projects months in advance and following up at the appropriate time can be a valuable way to assist clients. You can cross that process off the list early in the year before it gets absorbed by the unforeseen building activities of the day.

Set yourself up for a year of smooth sailing when it comes to project management, ensuring a scheduled date that works, and expensing the cost in the month it is planned.

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