Landscape Fall Economy


Here’s a trade secret. “It’s less expensive to buy your enhancement work in the Fall!” In fact, you can save as much as 20%. In spring, when hours are at a premium, prices go up to mitigate the huge amount of overtime landscapers have to pay, and to cover the higher rate of replacement costs for spring plantings. Conversely, those rates go down in the fall, and the survival rate of the plants goes up.

Plants thrive when installed late in the season, while summer’s hot temperatures can make it difficult for already stressed, newly installed plants to take up enough water and establish solid roots. Cooler fall weather is gentler on developing roots.

Since plants aren’t putting tremendous energy into new leaves and fresh growth like they do in spring, they can focus their energy on root formation.

In addition, despite the cooler air, the ground tends to stay warm, which is another boost for root growth. Ultimately, a strong root system will ensure a stronger plant next spring.

Whatever your project, retaining wall or rejuvenation pruning, getting it done at the end of the season is a sound strategy.

Fall Landscape Checklist

  • Fertilize, aerate, and overseed turf
  • Repair turf with sod or seed
  • Plant Bulbs
  • Perform rejuvenation pruning
  • Apply Anti-desiccants for Evergreens
  • Shut Down Irrigation
  • Identify and replace dead trees and shrubs
  • Prune trees
  • Frost proof outside faucets
  • Repair cracks or loose joints in brick, asphalt, and concrete before the ice expands them
  • Clean gutters
  • Power wash walls, parking lots, patios or walks before it gets too cold.

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