Tips for Power Washing Your Garage

Is your parking garage filthy and grimy? What should you consider to clean up this mess and protect the structure?

Power washing of parking garages is a crucial service all property managers should consider on a regular basis. Garage power washing offers many benefits that are functional as well as aesthetic.

Power washing not only keeps everything clean and maintained, but improves safety, adds value to a property, prevents potential damages to the structure, and provides a professional impression.

Vehicles constantly travel in and out of garages bringing in dirt, grime, oil, salt, etc., and with this vehicular traffic will come foot traffic dragging all of the filth with them into buildings.

Furthermore, corrosive salt contaminants left in a garage can cause concrete and metal to deteriorate, compromising the integrity of the garage structure.

All of these potential risks and issues can be battled with power washing maintenance, and luckily at a relatively inexpensive cost.

A more frequent cleaning will obviously keep the garage in much better condition, and there are options available to keep costs down, while addressing these concerns at the same time.


It is typically recommended to power wash your garage at least once to twice per year for proper maintenance, but different garages require different services.

A garage with a lot of dirt buildup that has not been cleaned in a long time will require more detail than a newer or well maintained-garage.

A garage in an area that received a lot of snowfall may be a mess with salt contaminants and excess sludge, dirt, and grime covering the floors, requiring a more detailed cleaning.

Power Wash vs. Power Rinse

There are generally two types of garage power washing services that can be provided, and it is essentially a power wash vs. a power rinse.

As mentioned, after a bad winter it may be beneficial to start the spring with a standard power wash as opposed to a rinse. This will involve treating all oil/grease spots with a cleaning detergent, utilizing a walk-behind oscillating surface cleaner along with wand attachments, and a slower more detailed approach.

This type of power wash will result in a much cleaner garage, taking care of all surface contaminants, treating oil stains, and commonly lightening up the concrete and providing a much better looking surface, as seen in the photo below.


This was a garage that was neglected for a long time and resulted in a before and after surface as can be seen here. This is an example (more extreme example) of the results of a standard power wash that would not be achieved with a rinse.

However, after a garage has received a good power wash, it is beneficial to follow up with a power rinsing in the next 6 months. This service is typically around 65% of the price of a standard wash, and can help maintain the garage through the year at a lesser cost.

Power rinsing involves the use of wands only, and does not specifically treat oil/grease spots. It will clean the immediate surface and target loose contaminants and help prevent the oils/dirt from impregnating the concrete.

Rinsing will provide more detail than a sweep and will help push your garage through the year, but will not create a large difference in the surface color/appearance.

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