Is Your Landscape Ready For Spring?

Our unusual weather pattern here in the Mid-Atlantic States over the past two months has impacted our landscapes in several ways. The unusually warm and precipitation-free winter followed by a late cold snap brought many of our plants out of dormancy and then hit them with a shot of winter cold. As we see Spring return, you may start to notice several effects on your landscapes.

Is your property ready for the Spring rush?

Your fall annuals have probably made it through the winter looking better than usual but, earlier warm temperatures will encourage growth and they will start to look leggy and disheveled quicker than usual this year. If you have an important event coming up and your annual beds aren’t delivering, you may want to install a spring pansy rotation. This will give you a quick burst of color that will last until your summer annual rotation can be installed.

If you have not started thinking about your summer annuals, we can help you design installations that will pop and draw attention to your property.

No snow this winter. That is good, right?

While many are rejoicing over being able to save on snow and ice management services this past season, as a region, we rely on that precipitation to refill the water reserves. Despite the wetter weather pattern over the past several weeks, the Mid-Atlantic region is still suffering from drought.

Our light snow and warm winter has put us behind schedule on needed water. We won’t see the effects just yet, but if this pattern continues, the mid 80’s of late April and early May could start damaging plants and putting newly installed summer annuals at risk.

If you don’t have an irrigation system or watering plan in place, you will want to consider protecting these investments by lining up a watering service.

Why are there so many brown spots on my leaves?

Pictured: Winter Burn on Hydrangeas.

Those brown leaf edges and flowers are a direct result of winter burn. Unfortunately, our warm February and late cold snap damaged some of the plants that were starting to break dormancy. This means you will see some plants like cherry trees, pear trees, and early blooming magnolias where the flower display has been burnt off.

Trees that usually treated you to hues of pink, purple, and white, are now treating you to shades of brown. You also may have plants like hydrangeas that will have died due to the cold.

While you may lose some blooms this year, the good news is for many of these plants, this damage will not pose a long term threat to the health of the plants and they should recover.

As the season changes and spring takes hold, this is an ideal time to spruce up older planting beds with new plants. The current temperatures are ideal for promoting root growth and they give your plants time to settle in before the damaging summer heat is upon them. This will also allow you to enjoy the spring and early summer blooms on newly installed plants this year. Focusing on entrance plantings is a great way to quickly refresh your property and recoup the value of your investment.

This is a great time of year for the outdoors here in the Mid-Atlantic, the mild days and warm breezes make it hard to stay inside.

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