Protect your pipes with heat tape

Installing heat tape is one way to make sure that you don’t have costly repairs as a result of broken pipes in the winter. Cold weather and water pipes definitely do not mix. The possibility of the pipes freezing if they are not properly insulated is always there. Frozen pipes can cause devastating damage and losses to your property(s) if an issue is not addressed prior to the temperature dropping below freezing.

When water pipes are exposed to cold temperatures either outdoors, underground, or in a crawl space, you can protect them from freezing by wrapping them with heat tape. Heating tape is actually a cord or heat cable with encased electrical wire that when plugged in regulates the temperature around plastic or metal pipes You can think of it like an electric blanket for a pipe — since the heat tape uses electrical resistance to produce a measured and controlled release of heat along its length.

Heat tape is very common where pipes are exposed in open spaces, parking garages, basements and crawl spaces. There are different kinds of heat tape based on where exposed pipes are located:

  • Self-regulating heating cable automatically varies its heat output with changes in surrounding temperatures. It also can be cut to custom lengths.
  • Automatic electric heat cable kits self-regulate, are controlled by a thermostat, and will only turn on at a certain temperature.

Costs will vary depending on the type of project and circuit availability. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our well-versed technicians. PCM can help you protect your property from the devastating effects of pipe freeze using heat tape. We are ready to show you the difference PCM Electric can make.