Want to move forward with a project, but just can’t fit it into this quarter’s budget? Why not let the project pay for itself? At PCM Electric, we offer a full range of financing options for all of our retrofit and efficiency upgrade projects. Our financing allows you to use the energy savings offered from the project to pay off the labor cost. After the equipment is paid off, you receive all the savings for the remaining life of the fixtures. Thanks to our many financing partners, we can fund any of our customer’s energy projects, from thousands to millions, using a variety of financing methods. These options mean that there’s no money out of pocket from the customer, the energy savings pay the capital costs, and we help immediately reduce the operating costs of your property while lowering your interest rates!

Implementing energy efficiency projects immediately while using our funding sources creates a greater bottom line than waiting for a customer to save up the money. For example, sample company A is considering upgrading their lighting systems, but doesn’t have the $160k in their budget.

This customer has three options:

  1. Do nothing, and save nothing. The project cannot save money if it’s sitting in a file!
  2. Save up the old fashioned way and pay for an upgrade after 3 years. This could be a viable option if the customer were not already losing money every day by NOT upgrading! The 3 years spent saving up could be 3 years of energy savings!
  3. Financing the lighting and upgrade immediately! By choosing Option 3, the customer starts saving money right away, and will end up saving an additional $193k over the next 5 years.

So why wait to save in the future, when you can start saving right now? Call PCM Electric for an estimate today and ask about our comprehensive array of financing options!