What We Do

Waterproofing, Caulking, Sealing

Experienced waterproofing, caulking, and sealing restoration solutions…

To protect and preserve your property

PCM Services is ready to respond and deliver for you – from caulking one window to waterproofing all joints of an entire building, and everything in between.

Waterproofing Restoration Services include:

  • Caulk and Sealant Removal and Replace
  • Tee Flange Crack Repair
  • Crack Injection
  • Crackbanding with Urethane Coating
  • Expansion and Masonry Joint Replacement or Installation
  • Surface Sealer with Powerwashing or Shotblasting
  • Elastomeric Pedestrian/Traffic Coating
  • Waterproofing Material Applications
  • Wall Coating
  • Thru-Wall Flashing
  • Surface Drain Installation
  • Masonry Sealing
  • Sidewalk Caulking
  • Wet Glaze: Glass to Metal Joints
  • Window Caulking


Commercial buildings require specialized care and services for preservation, repair, and preventive maintenance. PCM Services has qualified, knowledgeable and experienced estimators, and skilled tradesmen to provide cost-effective caulking, sealing, and waterproofing solutions for stability, protection, and curb-appeal of your property.

PCM Services is the caulking, sealing, and waterproofing solution provider that is responsive to your needs and will work safely and seamlessly around your clients, tenants, or residents.  We have served property managers throughout the Washington-Baltimore region in retail,  industrial, commercial, health-care, school or university, and multi-resident settings since 1992.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can solve your waterproofing needs.