Electrical Services

Electric Project Work


  • Lighting Retrofits

  • Pole Light Installation

  • Underground Wiring Repair

  • Switchgear & Panel Replacement


At PCM Electric, we believe a well-lit exterior is essential to the success and security of a business. For retail customers, it can present a more attractive property, assist in advertising, and help a business stand out when presenting their products. For other commercial properties such as warehouses and office parks, exterior lighting offers security for your employees, while helping prevent vandalism, theft, trespassing, and accidents. That’s why we specialize in a wide array of exterior electrical and lighting services.

Parking Lot Electrical Contracting Services:

  • Pole light installation
  • Pole light maintenance
  • Bulb and ballast replacement
  • Energy efficiency audits
  • Photometric surveys
  • Underground boring and trenching services
  • General bucket truck repairs.
  • Signage repair and service
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • Night inspections

Exterior Electric Services:

  • Wall pack repair and installation
  • Pool, playground, and field lighting
  • Stadium lighting and service
  • Rope access electrical, sign, and lighting service
  • Underground wiring installation and service
  • Pool light installation and service.
  • General exterior electrical repairs
  • Energy efficiency audits
  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations
  • Exterior lighting retrofits, and much more!

Night inspections, in particular, have become one of our most popular exterior preventative maintenance services, particularly with shopping center, warehouse, and large office park properties. Once a month, a technician will visit a property, and survey all the exterior lighting. He will then mark on an aerial map, all non-working fixtures, and create a proposal for their replacement and repair. This service allows for worry-free maintenance and can help ensure a property remains well lit and safe.

Exterior Lighting Retrofit

Exterior lighting technology has progressed rapidly over the past decades. High-pressure sodium lighting, once considered the industry standard for HID parking lot and street lighting, has been replaced with metal halide and LED retrofit options. Many of the alternatives offer better foot candles, color rendering, and are far more efficient than older sodium based fixtures. Due to the quality of these advances, and their reliable, inexpensive nature, many properties are moving towards retrofitting their exterior lighting.

At PCM Electric, the same efficiency audit available for interior projects is also available for the exterior.

Step By Step Exterior Energy Audit:

Step 1: Similar to interior audits, we send a technician to survey the property, note the existing fixtures, and record their energy consumption.

Step 2: We create a comprehensive lighting efficiency audit, noting kilowatt hours, material, and maintenance savings. The audit will present several fixture and control options of varying efficiency, and any available rebate for individual fixtures. In some cases, there are available rebates on more expensive and efficient fixtures, but not on inexpensive fixtures with a shorter payback time, though that situation is rare.


Step 3: Following delivery of the audit and proposal, the customer can then choose the retrofit option that best fits their budget and watches the project pay for itself in savings.

At PCM Electric, we understand that not every electrical project can fit into every budget. That’s why we offer a full range of financing options to help a business follow through with the projects it needs right away. In many instances, the project savings outweigh the cost of the project, making it even easier to afford, and finance, the next big project.

Parking Lot Services


Parking lots are one of the most important, and under-appreciated features, of any commercial property. A well maintained and well-lit parking lot can attract new customers, make your employees feel secure, and is an easy way to increase the curbside appeal of any property. At PCM Electric, we specialize in installation and maintenance services for every type of parking lot fixture and pole light. Whether it’s a downed pole, an exterior retrofit, underground wiring replacement, or a burned out bulb, at PCM Electric, we have the tools, bucket trucks, personnel, and materials to help service any parking lot issue.

Need a pole light serviced? Our 40 and 60-foot bucket trucks can be on site to help install, service, and replace pole lights of almost any size. For underground wiring, we can provide you with boring and trenching specialists who will help keep your asphalt in pristine condition, while also allowing for the proper repair and maintenance of your conduit. Are you sick of the inefficient, orange glow of your high-pressure sodium HID lighting? Let PCM Electric conduct a comprehensive lighting efficiency audit, photometric survey, and full variety of alternative lighting options so you can keep your parking lot efficient, well lit, and attractive.