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The interior of a commercial building should be functional, but attractive to the customer, and create a welcoming atmosphere for employees. That’s why it’s important that everything in a building’s interior must be well lit, energy efficient, and easy to operate.

At PCM Electric, we understand the needs of the modern property manager and business owner. That is why, with over 61 years in the business, we provide the best interior electric and lighting services to all our area property managers. We offer a wide array of interior lighting controls, efficiency upgrades, and LED retrofit options to meet the lighting needs and budget of our customers. For safety services we offer smoke detector, security camera, and alarm installation, as well as aluminum wire remediation to meet all insurance and safety requirements.

We can serve all your electrical testing needs with a wide array of options including load studies, arc flash surveys, infrared scanning, and efficiency audits. Whether it’s a malfunctioning panel, a fluorescent lighting upgrade, or a receptacle installation, we can provide all the electrical service and support your business needs to continue its daily operations without delay.

Night Inspections

MEC Night Inspection Sheet_Sample Map

Click here to download a .pdf of our Night Inspection Sheet.

Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring was used decades ago when copper was in short supply. Unfortunately, contractors did not realize that aluminum wiring overheats easily, and is a major fire hazard. Today, there are thousands of multi-family apartment buildings with aluminum wiring throughout their receptacles. Many of these buildings are plagued with frequent receptacle fires, shorts, and malfunctions. Also, due to the severe fire risk, many of these buildings are not in compliance with modern fire safety codes. In fact, HUD and many insurance companies now require aluminum wire to be remediated, and proof of work before they cover any building built between 1967 and 1972.

Warnings you may have aluminum wiring:

  • Overheating and shorting of receptacles
  • Flames or smoke from fixtures and receptacles
  • Poor, or non-functioning outlets
  • Power fluctuations
  • Strange smell of burning plastic from electrical outlets, switched, or fixtures
  • Plates covering receptacles are warm to the touch
  • Circuit breakers tripping at random
  • Flickering lights


At PCM Electric, we have years of experience with aluminum wire remediation. We have upgraded thousands apartments, replacing the existing aluminum connectors with copper or alumicons. We work closely with property managers to ensure that while we work, your residents experience little or no interruption to their lives. We believe that the safety of our customers is of prime importance, that’s why we encourage properties with aluminum wiring to remediate, and limit the risk of damage to property, personnel, and residents.

Lighting Retrofit


Once the industry standard of lighting, the incandescent light bulb has been surpassed by metal halide, halogen, fluorescent, and now LED. LED has quickly become one of the best options in modern lighting, with fixtures available for every application, and every budget. Not only are modern LEDs affordable, but they offer better foot candles, CRIs (color quality), and require significantly less energy to operate. Most modern LED retrofits pay for themselves within several years in energy savings, after which the customer can save up to and over 50% on their lighting electric consumption. Combine that with the savings offered in maintenance and material costs, along with available rebates, and you have a fixture that is the future of interior and exterior lighting.

At PCM Electric, we offer a wide array of lighting retrofit options. From LED to compact fluorescent, we create the best retrofit proposal for your business and budget. We begin by offering a full lighting efficiency audit for your business or property. This audit computes the cost in maintenance, saved kilowatt hours, and any available rebate options. In some cases the cost of a retrofit outweighs the savings, and basic maintenance to current fixtures is the best option, though this rare. In most cases, the savings is significant, and the amount of cost in electricity, material, and maintenance saved can pay for the retrofit in a few years! Combine those savings with the rebates available from most mid-Atlantic providers, and the project offers significant savings.

Occupancy Sensors and Energy Saving Controls


Part of our lighting and energy efficiency audit is the option to install occupancy sensors in the property. Modern occupancy sensors are another form of energy-saving technology that allows for automatic activation and shutoff of lights and HVAC units in a room, based on a person’s presence. In most occupancy sensors, movement activates the lights, and will keep the room lit as long as it senses activity. After a predetermined amount of time without movement, the lights will shut off automatically, allowing for energy savings in low-use rooms. This is most beneficial for hospitals and office buildings, where lighting in most occupied space is not needed throughout the day. When the day is over, the lights go out, and stay out until work begins the next morning. In some cases, occupancy sensors have adjustable shutoff times ranging from 5 minutes to 2 hours, offering customizable, hands-free lighting control. Wireless sensors are available which connect to each other via signal, and can turn on lights simultaneously throughout a floor or entire building. At PCM Electric, we ensure that any space that you feel needs coverage is properly assessed, with switch and ceiling mounted sensors installed by our experienced technicians. So no matter what your energy saving goal, if you use McLaughlin Electric, you can be sure your project will be properly and professionally executed from a reliable electrical contractor.

Preventative Maintenance and Infrared Scanning

At PCM Electric, we believe that the best way to avoid a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. That’s why we specialize in a wide array of preventative maintenance services and scanning options to keep your business safe and running smoothly. Infrared scanning is one of our most popular services, and is required yearly in some jurisdictions. This scanning technique allows for a technician to come on site and compile a list of all panels, breaker boxes, and fixtures. The technician then returns and scans all major electrical devices with an infrared scanner, which shows if there is any power being lost, any shorts in the wiring, or any points of immediate concern. If problems are discovered, the technician will request a service call to tighten up or repair the damaged fixture, curtailing the problem before it becomes a hazard. We also offer a series of additional tighten ups to switch gear and other fixtures, staying ahead of any loose or weakened connections before they become dangerous. Preventative maintenance services are a must for any conscientious property manager.