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Citibank Testimonial

“Exceeding Client Expectations”

“I have come to rely on PCM for emergency services as well as routine service and maintenance items. During the July 2012 super storm and Hurricane Sandy, they were able to support me with a variety of services, even at the last possible minute. They are a valued partner in supporting the client’s needs.”

Chris Dempsey, Area Facilities Manager, Citibank




Situation: On two separate occasions Citibank experienced emergency needs at multiple locations in response to severe weather including Hurricane Sandy. These significant storms caused damage, flooding, and power outages.


  • PCM’s Emergency Service Team responded within hours to deliver sand bags to various bank locations, as well as to deliver water for employees and customers. PCM stacked and secured sand bags and as returned later to remove them.
  • PCM also responded within a few hours to secure and deliver generators to various bank locations in order for Citibank to remain open and provide services to customers in a safe and productive environment. Several of these locations were as far away as New York City. PCM returned later to retrieve generators as well.
  • PCM’s  service teams provided quick and high quality repairs to several property needs including concrete, masonry, and waterproofing needs.