Working With Us

First Potomac Realty Trust Testimonial

“Exceeding Client Expectations”

“PCM has done numerous asphalt, concrete, and façade projects for us over the years and always meets or exceeds our expectations. I can count on PCM to be professional, trustworthy, and to always stand behind their work. They are committed to being part of the solution and I value them as being one of my top contractors.”

Jennifer Ferrigno, Manager, Capital Improvements


Situation: Customer oversees all capital projects for First Potomac Realty Trust. She has significant needs to find solutions for and execute with very limited time. She requires and needs accurate, timely solutions, estimates, and quality execution of projects.


  • Help provide annual budget numbers for capital projects
  • Provide cost saving solutions
  • Provide detailed scopes for bidding purposes across different types of projects
  • Provide creative ideas for unique projects
  • Provide visuals, details, site maps of projects, schedule, and phasing to fit client needs
  • Complete projects on time
  • Respond immediately to all requests and additional needs