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Rosenthal Properties Testimonial

“Exceeding Client Expectations”

“I would like to thank each of you as well as all the guys at PCM that made the tour yesterday with our joint venture partner a huge success. Thank you for taking all of the phone calls and my requests for items to be completed in an unreasonable time frame. Your customer service was outstanding and with every crazy request, all I heard was that you would get it done in time for the tour. Not only did you get it done but the quality of the work was excellent. I look forward to working with each of you on various projects this year. Thanks again to all that gave up their weekend for the cause. I appreciate it.”

John Zuk, Vice President-Director of Property Management


  • Urgent Need: Customer was preparing for a property tour with their joint venture partner on a Monday and needed various services performed prior.
  • Customer was only given 4 days to get the work completed, two of which were over a weekend.


  • PCM Sales Representative directly contacted divisions that were required and apprised them of the situation and the short time frame they had to complete several projects.
  • PCM Sales Representative met on site with several of the estimators and developed scope of work.
  • PCM Services completed high quality work on time and the tour was a success!